The Function and Medical Value of Ox Bile Powder

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The efficacy and function of ox bile powder and its medicinal value


1. As a health product, ox bile powder can supplement the body with rich mucus protein and a small amount of fat when taken. It can also allow the body to absorb rich lecithin, calcium phosphate, and iron phosphate and other beneficial nutrients to the human body. After people use it, it can improve liver and gallbladder function, as well as physical fitness.



2. After being used as medicine, ox bile powder can clear the liver and improve eyesight, promote gallbladder and intestines, detoxify and reduce swelling, and clear heat and detoxify. It can also be used clinically for human jaundice, constipation, and children’s convulsion. The treatment of the disease is particularly effective.



The medicinal value of ox bile powder


1. Treat chronic constipation

ox bile powder can treat chronic constipation in humans. In normal treatments, it can be filled into capsules, and taken three times a day for three minutes each time. It is particularly effective when taken directly with boiling water. This method has an excellent therapeutic effect on human jaundice and chronic hepatobiliary diseases.


2. Treat early white hair

ox bile powder is also a common medicine for treating early whitening of human beard. During the treatment, Chinese medicinal materials such as ox bile powder, fleece-flower root, white tuckahoe and sophora japonica, etc. can be put together to grind into fine powder, and after mixing with honey, make Wutong seeds The size of the pill is 2 to 3 yuan each time, and it is best to take it with warm wine when taking it.


3. Treat golden sores

After being used as medicine, ox bile powder can reduce swelling and relieve pain, and it can also clear heat and detoxify. It can treat human golden sores for external use. During treatment, ox bile powder and lime can be put together and mixed with vinegar to make a paste, and then directly applied to the affected area , Change the dressing once a day, and the symptoms will be relieved after three to five days.

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