( From Plant Source)

Molecular formula: C27H46O

Molecular weight: 386.67


Molecular structure:


Cholesterol, is a derivative of cyclopentanoperhy drophenanthrene, widely present in animals.   It participates in the formation of cell membranes and is an indispensableand important substance in animal tissue cells.

Traditional cholesterol is generally extracted from animal sources such as lanolin and animal brain. However, animal sources face the risk of animal disease transmission, and there are many impurities,which will cause adverse immune reactions when used in medicine. The users need to provide regulatory authorities with research reports on the risk of disease transmission,animal protection and a series of materials.

For various reasons such as commercial use and consumer preference, ore and more companies are moving away from animal-derived materials and prefer to choose non-animal source products.

This product is artificially synthesized cholesterol from pure plant sources, and has no animal-derived ingredients. Compared with traditional lanolin, pig, cattle and other animal-derived products, the risk is lower, and it is very suitable for the preparation of LNP delivery system , used in mRNA vaccines; cell culture,protein drug serum-free cell culture, drugs and cosmetics.




It can also be used as a key synthetic raw material for vitamin D and its derivatives. Starting from plant-derived cholesterol, the down stream vitamin D3 series products are used in feed, health food, and medicine, etc., which can completely realize the non-animal source of this series of products, which meets the needs of industry development and people's tendency to improve the quality of life and safety standards.

Created on:2023-02-16 16:30