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Molecular formula:C27H46O

Molecular weight:386.67

Molecular structure:

    Properties:whiteodorless crystal sheet ,dissolved easily in diethyl,chloroform and acetone,slightly dissolved inalcohol,not dissolved in water.

Melting point                      147℃-150℃

Specific rotation                  -34°- -38°

Solubility              without deposit and turbidity

Loss on drying                      ≤0.3%

Residue on ignition                   ≤0.1%

Acidity                           ≤0.3ml

Residual of organic substance

Benzene                           ≤100PPm

Chloroform                      ≤50PPm

1.4-dioxane                        ≤100PPm

Chloromethane                       ≤500PPm

Trichloroethane                     ≤100PPm

Conteent ofcholesterol                ≥97%

Total content of cholesterol          ≥99%

Specifications:25kg/can (gross weight:29kg/can)

Package:packed in hard paper piate can,with double layers of inner film

Storage:preserve in well-closed containers for anti moisture

This product is in conformity with china medical department,EP,USP,