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OX Bile Extract

OX Bile Extract


  This product is extracted from fresh ox bile whose producing area are not in epidemic-stricken area stated by P.R. China and WHO,and manufactured through the processe of degreasing,removing impurity and drying.It is pure inartificial,edible product,and have the curative effects of clearing heat, detoxication,antiinflammatory.


  Yellow-brown or snuff color powder,bitter taste,easily moisture absorption.


   Having the same speck with the contrast medicine in the same plale on the chromatogram


1、loss on drying                       not more than 5.0%

2、porcine bile powder:having not the same speck in the same place with porcine bile

Cholic acid content                      not less than 45.0%

This product is in conformity with the standard of china medical department NO.1.2005.