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Cholic Acid


Cholic  Acid


Molecular formula: C24H40O5

Molecular weight: 408.56

Melting point:197-202 ºC

Molecular structure:




This product is extracted from fresh and non-transmutative ox bile whose producing area are not in epidemic-stricken area stated by P.RChina and WHO,and mainly used as medicine raw material [Characteristics]

White crystal powder,bitter taste


Having the same speak with the contrast product in the same place on the chromatogram.

[Cholic acid content]


[Loss on drying]





(1) Emulsifiers.
(2) Used for biochemical research, as pharmaceutical intermediates. Sodium cholate is a cholagogue, for the treatment of cholecystitis, bile deficiency, intestinal indigestion embolism.
(3) As organic acids with steroid structure, cholic acid can emulsify fat, promote its digestion.
(4) Non-denaturing ionic detergents for the extraction of membrane proteins.


free from light,airproof and moisture protection